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Ruth Martínez's Resume

Sales and technical representative in industrial thermoplastic materials, applied in petrol, mining, chemical and food industries.Research in chemical materials for corrosion prevention and scaling, deposits and soil in water.Control of costs, inventories, forecast, planning and buying. Water treatment and petrol analysis.Tubing inspections.Training in ISO sistems, BMP, OSHA, HAZOOP, security industrial STOP. Command in computer skills. Internet.E-commerce. System management as AS400 and FDG.

511- 9920-0537 / 511- 472-3630 / 511- 566-1244
Calle Badani 101 dpto.301; Urb. Pando 7ma etapa, San Miguel


Chemical Engineer

Professional Experience:

September 2003 – December 2004 : Plásticos de Ingeniería S.A.C. & Importaciones Simons S.A.C. – Simons Group. Business enterprise with more than fifteen years in Perú, creating and selling materials , coverings and pieces of industrials thermoplastic materials .
Representative of Projects and Technical sales for petrol, mining , chemical and food industries.

January 2002 - August 2002 : Impacto Audiovisual S.A.
Services for events such as international and national conventions, lectures and other activities.
Marketing representative and Public relations.

September 1999 - March 2001 : Occidental Peruana, Inc., Perú´s branch Scholar´s , thesis titled: “Water´s chemical treatment in Petroleum operations of Primary Recovery”. Processing information and evidence since September 1999 until May 2000. After that, evaluation, election and chemical applications to prevent corrosion, scaling, water disposal, deposits, security and the environment. Also the decrease in production loss and cost. Quality control and pipe lines inspections. Work done in block AB in the north- west jungle of Perú.

March 1999 - November 1999 : Colegio de Ingenieros de Lima- Chemical Engineer´s Federation of Perú. Director of Technical visits for the VII Congress of Chemical Engineers and the organization of courses preparing Engineers for this Congress.

January 1998 – December 1998 : Occidental Peruana, Inc., OXY. Professional practice

Technical Reports:
Revision and management of computerized data related to the chemical materials in stock, withdrawals of storage rooms, buying orders, prediction of quantity in production, cost of chemical treatment valued in millions of dollars. Inspection, analysis and interpretation of information related to the revision of production´s pipe lines. History of leaks, reparation of flow lines and storage tanks, cathode protection and lining.

Plant’s training:
Inspection of pipe lines, equipment to analyze missing points, cathode designs for tanks and pipe lines, lining, insulating material, classification of pipe lines faults, exploration, chemical treatment and control of problems caused by corrosion, scaling, emulsion, paraffin, asphalting and control of petroleum residue in the environment, ultrasound test of thickness, use of corrater, corrosion meter, coupons.

Laboratory training:

Water analysis, pH, alkalinity, chlorides, calcium, total durability, iron, magnesium, oil in water, total suspended solids, salts in hard (water), specific gravity (°API), water curtain, analysis of deposits, iron oxides, identifications of low charcoal iron, stainless steel and alloy, quality control of JP-1 Fuel: water, water´s reaction proof, proof of distillation, specific gravity (°API). Metallurgic tests steal research with a low level of charcoal and stainless steal .

July 1997 – September 1997: Refinería de Zinc de Cajamarquilla S.A Pre- Professional practices.
· Exploration of abstract metallurgy fields (pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy and electrometallurgy). Preparation in a plant of concentrated polimetalics (zinc, plumb bob, copper, iron, cadmium, tin, silver and gold), plant of H2SO4, plant of auxiliary and outflows. Water treatment like refrigerated water, potable and demonetarized.
· Evaluation of the thermal efficiency of one cooling tower, chemical treatment in water, study and corrosion control. Measurement of energy and liquids leaks, and thickness by ultrasound, corrosion measurement, control of dirt in water.

August 1996 – April 1997: Juncal Alimentos S.R.L. Food Enterprise in process of expansion in the market. With more than 30 workmen under my responsibility, supervising physical and chemical materials. Water treatment control with evaluation and improvement of materials.

· August 1996 – May 1997. Quality Control Supervisor in the elaboration of mango nectar, peach and pineapple. Choosing of raw material, cleaning, analysis of chemical - physical and water treatment control, formulation, evaluation, inventory and shopping orders of chemical materials.


Computer software:

Command in the use of Microsoft Office 97 (word, excel, access, power point, internet, outlook, paint brush, photo editor y visual fox pro), MS Project, html (creating of web pages), Corel photo-paint, photo enhancer for Kodak, adobe Photoshop, turbo Pascal, turbo basic, D.O.S and others. Installation of soft wares and internet. System operations in webs (system management AS 400 and FDG).


Reading,writing and Technical translations. English studies Intermediate-Advanced in Asociación Cultural Peruano-Británica. ( Fluent )

Specialized studies:

· Thesis: Chemical water treatment in petroleum operations of primary recuperation.
· Technical Evaluation of a cooling tower system, chemical treatment, thermal and evaluation of a system in a Refinery of Zinc.
· Studies of pre-tests in the elaboration of Soy Sauce.
· Elaboration of Mango nectars, Peach and Pineapple, technical and economical studies.

Other courses:

· Du Pont Security course: “Stop Empleados”, Working Security by the Preventive Observation. Occidental Peruana, Inc.
· Process Safety Management and Hazard Analysis in Petroleum Pperations.
· Measurement of liquid and energy by ultrasound with Transport PT 868 Flowmeter, Panametrics. Refinery of Zinc in Cajamarquilla S.A.
· Uses of liquid Gas of Petroleum, Security and Environment. Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú.
· Prevention and Quality Control in the Petroleum and Mining Industry. E.A.P. Ingeniería Geológica de la U.N.M.S.M.
· Systems in Environmental Management Iso 9000 y 14 000. Colegio de Ingenieros del Perú.
· Security in Mining and Petroleum Industry. Facultad de Ingeniería Geológica Minera y Metalúrgica, UNI.
· Chemical treatment in Petroleum Operations of Primary Recuperation. Occidental Peruana, Inc.
· Exportation via internet, e-commerce, market place, virtual shop, trading via internet. Icex customs.

Personal Information:

· Civil status : single
· Date of birth : 06/12/1968.
· I.D. 09434896.
· Passport: 2396484
· Driver´s licence: A1

Professional references:

· Carlos Ponce de León, Supervisor de Seguridad y Medio Ambiente en Pluspetrol Perú Corporation, Sucursal del Perú. Email:
· Maritza Benites Sandoval, Environmental Supervisor in en Pluspetrol Perú Corporation, Sucursal del Perú. Email:
· Elena Chavez A., Quality Control Supervisor in J Ramón S.A. in Lima Email:
· Alberto Huanqui Medina, Process Engineer of Refinery of Zinc of Cajamarquilla S.A. Email:
· Gisselle Cornejo, Chemical Engineer, Occidental Peruana, Inc. Sucursal del Perú. Ingeniera de Exploración. Email:
· Miguel Céspedes, Maintenance Supervisor of Clorox del Perú S.A. Email:
· Carlos Holguín, Maintenance Chief in Nestlé del Perú S.A. Email:
· Javier García, Maintenance Chief in Tecnofil S.A. Email:

Ruth Martínez